When I found out what these symbols really mean, I almost stopped recycling

That symbol of “chasing arrows” you find on plastic does NOT mean it can be recycled. What we often call “recycling numbers” are actually “resin identification numbers” – meaning they tell you what kind of plastic you are dealing with. And this symbol was designed this way on purpose by the big plastic corporations, to give us the sense all plastic could be recycled. Which is of course not true.

You see, I recycled my plastic for over 15 years.
I would separate all of my plastic waste and put it in the right bin. And I would feel great because I thought I was doing something good for our planet.
But when I discovered the truth about plastic recycling, It almost made me stop doing it.
And it might be shocking to you that I almost stopped doing it after 15 years. But when I reveal to you why plastic recycling was invented, and who invented it, you will understand, and you might get mad too.