Save our sea turtles from plastic polution

Fighting against the single-use plastics that pollute our waterways!

Plastics-Free Initiative Coalition

One Careless Act Can Endanger Many Animals

Join Us in the Fight to Save Our Oceans and Waterways!

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Blue Scholars Initiative
The mission of Blue Scholars is to engage, educate and empower students through hands-on (and virtual) marine science education to foster a connection to the ocean and to launch long-term environmental stewardship. The points of the compass direct Blue Scholars to achieve four guiding principles:
Education - Research - Impact - Opportunity

Fostering ocean stewardship through Biscayne Bay connections

"I liked learning about the ocean ON THE OCEAN."

Key Biscayne
Woman's Club
Key Biscayne Woman’s Club is an organization of women committed to volunteerism & providing financial assistance through scholarships & charitable contributions to local organizations.
For over 65 years, the elegant island ladies of the Key Biscayne Woman's Club have been raising money for scholarship funds and other worthy causes.
GFWC Coco Plum
Woman's Club
Coco Plum Woman’s Club is a community service organization. We support several charities including Camp Boggy Creek , and the Max Gruver Foundation (scholarship). Our fundraisers include a tea party, fashion show, and Brunch and Broadway.
“We are aware of what plastics are doing to our environment and sea life. We are happy to be joining the Plastics Free Initiative, and look forward to learning more about how we can reduce our use of plastics, and improve our communities and environment.”
Therese Art Chocolate
Therese Art Chocolate is a gourmet chocolatier specializing in creating culinary experiences with Ecuadorian organic chocolate 70% cacao and natural ingredients, within the commandments that Therese embraces are honesty, community, care and respect for the land and the environment..
"The subtle texture of the Amazon establishes a pure, live, strong and organic chocolate that, through the combination with memories, supports the commandments that Therese embraces. Family, honesty, connection, and longing are represented through minimalism, the freedom of the line, and the complexity of the simple."
Therese Art Chocolate
Green Campus Initiative (GCI)
FIU Honors College Organization
Green Campus Initiative (GCI) is an Honors College organization dedicated to making Florida International University (FIU), and the greater state of Florida, more sustainable. Currently, GCI has been focused on the regulation of single-use plastics as they believe the time is now.
At the university level, GCI works closely with faculty to implement sustainable initiatives related to reducing plastic waste. To accomplish their local and state-level goals, GCI works to expand their off-campus collaborations.
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Welcome to the Plastics-Free Initiative Coalition (PFI)

The PFI consists of a coalition of residents, local business leaders, civic organizations, and educational and faith institutions across the state united in the fight against plastic pollution.

Plastics are all around us and a part of our everyday life. But single-use plastics, which you use for a few minutes and then discard, have created a major pollution problem.

Who We Are

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PFI was founded by The Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove. The Woman’s Club has a long-standing tradition of activism in conserving our beautiful South Florida environment.


Please join in preserving our earth, air, and water, and protecting our animal life and ecosystems from man-made harm.

Membership is free but the reward for you is invaluable – you will be preserving a beautiful world for yourself and your children and your children’s children.

Single Use Plastics...

Polluting Our Oceans

Overwhelming Our Landfills

Killing Our Wildlife

Making Us Sick!