Save our sea turtles from plastic polution

Fighting against the single-use plastics that pollute our waterways!

Plastics-Free Initiative Coalition

One Careless Act Can Endanger Many Animals

Join Us in the Fight to Save Our Oceans and Waterways!

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Welcome to the Plastics-Free Initiative Coalition (PFI)

The PFI consists of a coalition of residents, local business leaders, civic organizations, and educational and faith institutions across the state united in the fight against plastic pollution.

Plastics are all around us and a part of our everyday life. But single-use plastics, which you use for a few minutes and then discard, have created a major pollution problem.

Who We Are

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PFI was founded by The Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove. The Woman’s Club has a long-standing tradition of activism in conserving our beautiful South Florida environment.


Please join in preserving our earth, air, and water, and protecting our animal life and ecosystems from man-made harm.

Membership is free but the reward for you is invaluable – you will be preserving a beautiful world for yourself and your children and your children’s children.

Single Use Plastics...

Polluting Our Oceans

Overwhelming Our Landfills

Killing Our Wildlife

Making Us Sick!