Save our sea turtles from plastic polution

Fighting against the single-use plastics that pollute our waterways!

Plastics-Free Initiative Coalition

One Careless Act Can Endanger Many Animals

Join Us in the Fight to Save Our Oceans and Waterways!

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BJ's Hike for a Plastics-Free Future

Billie Jean (BJ) Baldwin, the founder of the Plastics-Free Initiative (PFI), will be trekking through 1000 miles of the Appalachian Trail without using ANY single-use plastics in order to draw attention to the impacts that plastics have on the environment
—all at the young age of 69 years old!

On Earth Day 2021, she’ll begin her plastic-free journey through the Appalachian Trail, starting at the base of Springer Mountain in Georgia and ending in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Through her hike, she hopes to raise funds that will help PFI sustain itself and launch an educational and community awareness program.

100% of your contributions will go towards supporting the Plastics-Free Initiative through the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Welcome to the Plastics-Free Initiative Coalition (PFI)

The PFI consists of a coalition of residents, local business leaders, civic organizations, and educational and faith institutions across the state united in the fight against plastic pollution.

Plastics are all around us and a part of our everyday life. But single-use plastics, which you use for a few minutes and then discard, have created a major pollution problem.

Who We Are

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PFI was founded by The Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove. The Woman’s Club has a long-standing tradition of activism in conserving our beautiful South Florida environment.


Please join in preserving our earth, air, and water, and protecting our animal life and ecosystems from man-made harm.

Membership is free but the reward for you is invaluable – you will be preserving a beautiful world for yourself and your children and your children’s children.

Single Use Plastics...

Polluting Our Oceans

Overwhelming Our Landfills

Killing Our Wildlife

Making Us Sick!