Therese Art Chocolate

Therese Art Chocolate is a gourmet chocolatier specializing in creating culinary experiences with  Ecuadorian organic  chocolate  70% cacao and natural ingredients, within the commandments that Therese embraces are honesty, community, care and respect for the land and the environment.

Following our principles, our company has developed initiatives that avoid plastic and promote the circular economy, that is, reduce, recover and reintegrate. First, we reduce the plastic in our packaging and bags to 0%, and because of its impact on the environment, we work on ecodesign in the conception of the product in order to control the environmental impact generated throughout its entire life cycle, and we use raw materials that respect the land and its origin, on the other hand, in the elaboration of our products we recover the greatest amount of raw material to generate economic resources and finally we reintegrate the waste and reuse it within the production process.

“The subtle texture of the Amazon establishes a pure, live, strong and organic chocolate that, through the combination with memories, supports the commandments that Therese embraces Family, honesty, connection, and longing are represented through minimalism, the freedom of the line, and the complexity of the simple”