‘Pointless’ pet product found on store shelves sparks outrage among customers: ‘How hard is it …’

Think single-use water bottles are wasteful? Brace yourself — they even exist for dogs.

A Reddit user shared a short video of the product, showing water — yes, just water — packaged in disposable plastic bowls. The bowl, for sale at Target, features a label that reads: “[Ready to drink] bowled water for pets. Simply peel off the lid and serve your pet clean water anytime, anywhere.”

You may be wondering — but why? What for? And you’re not alone. Reddit users were collectively dumbfounded by the need for this product.

The bowl is advertised as convenient for “walks, dog parks, traveling, and outdoors,” but users found it pointless, as you can “just bring a collapsible dog bowl and fill it up with your own water out of [a] reusable water bottle.”

Worse, the 12-ounce containers are priced at $2.39 apiece in the video, putting them more in the Evian and Fiji tier of cost per ounce.

There is some good news, though…

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