Plastic fasting: How to reduce your consumption of plastic

It can sometimes seem that everything you want to buy is either made of plastic, wrapped in plastic or contains some form of plastic – in short, it’s everywhere.

Plastics pollute and poison the environment and people with it, prompting many of us to try to reduce our dependence on them. The good news is that small changes in everyday life can make a big difference.

Plastic fasting follows the same concept as normal fasting, but instead of giving up sweets or alcohol, plastic is avoided, even if it’s just for a limited period of time.

“Plastic fasting means consciously avoiding the use of plastic products, especially short-lived things that end up in the bin after a short period of use,” says Silvia Cabrera-Cayola. She is an expert in waste and resource protection at a consumer advice centre in Germany.

By avoiding unnecessary plastic and trying to do without single-use plastic as far as possible, you can help to conserve resources, and protect your own health too.

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