Why does water remain on our streets after a rainstorm?

There are a number of reasons! There are a number of reasons! In residential areas with urban streets, stormwater is conveyed along paved roadways with curb and gutter and into the storm sewer system through inlets or catch basins.

A simple answer to why stormwater builds up in the street is that the inlet grate may be plugged with debris (leaves, plastic, styrofoam). Or, the pipe could be clogged under the street. Plastic trash and natural debris from the street can get flushed into our waterways if we don’t stop it at its source. Litter that makes it past the overflowing pollution controls discharge to the waterway can sometimes clog the outfalls. Help us stop plastic and other contaminants at their source! You can be our eyes on the street, check your local drainage systems and create a record on ISeeChange.

Check your local storm drains:

  • Observe and log in the type of pollutants you seeing
  • Does it look clogged? Does your street flood every time it rains?
  • Is the water from the storm sewer high?
  • Log in critical info: exact location, date, and time. You can post as many times as needed.
  • Share what you see in your local storm drains. What measures can we take today to make sure our water is as clean as possible?

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