16 Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles for Play!

As both an educator and Mum I love to save money on learning resources as well as showing the children how to reuse and recycle materials we already have for different purposes. Creating something new from something old is one way to easily take steps toward embedding sustainable practice into early years learning and environments.

I like to ensure the children can be involved in the recycling process right from the beginning so I usually ask children to collect and wash plastic bottles at home then bring them in to place in a ‘recycled materials’ bin which is used often for craft and loose parts play among other things! If you would like to begin turning plastic bottles into something fun or useful then you are going to love this fantastic list of ideas to try with the children.

Click here to read this full story and see the pictures!>>https://www.theempowerededucatoronline.com/2017/02/16-play-based-plastic-recycling-ideas.html/